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Unlocking the next wave of web3 builders through education, opportunities, and funding.

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Women Build Web3 is a global collective of women and non-binary developers learning and building in web3. We help developers unlock their potential by providing education, opportunities, and funding and connecting them with a network of peers.

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Our Core Intiatives

📚 Education

Education, mentorship, and resources focused on software development and blockchain technology

🛠 Opportunities

Structured opportunities with predictable outcomes and end-to-end support from onboarding to job placement in collaboration with web3 ecosystem partners

🌱 Funding

Funding for active participation, contributions, and projects

  1. Day 1: Intro to building in web3 - tooling overview
  2. Day 2: Workshop with Austin Griffith
  3. Day 3: Writing an Ethereum smart contract
  4. Day 5: Workshop with Nader Dabit
  5. Day 5: Building a subgraph
  6. Day 8: Workshop with Patrick Collins
  7. Day 9: Develop your front-end with Ethers.js
  8. Day 13: Workshop with Ally Haire and Dawn Kelly
  9. Day 14: OFf-chain storage
  10. Day 18: Workshop with Rahat
  11. Day 19: Deploy to Polygon
  12. Day 20: Final touches and improvements
  13. Day 23: Workshop with Nader Dabit
  14. Day 24: Demo
  15. Day 30: Closing ceremony
  16. Day 30: Demo Day

Ramp up in 30 days

Get up to speed on blockchain development and start shipping projects through our 30 Days of Web3 curriculum. After 30 days, you will have deployed fullstack decentralized apps and learned to use essential web3 tools, protocols, and frameworks.

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