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We’re onboarding and retaining talented, diverse developers in web3.

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Our collective is composed of software engineers, designers, content creators, technical writers, managers, and founders with wide-ranging experiences in tech. We span across 8 countries, 16 cities, and 9 timezones and counting. We are united in our passion to decentralize the internet and to bring more diverse perspectives to web3.

We aim to support underrepresented women and non-binary developers in web3 with education, opportunities, and funding. We want at least 70% of our initial cohort to transition into web3 full-time within a year. Learn more about our goals in our whitepaper.

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Our Values

We are actively shaping our community to be a space where women and non-binary developers can thrive and innovate in.

🌐 Diversity & Inclusion

We are inclusive, intersectional, and accessible.

🀝 Curiosity & Collaboration

We learn from one another, teach each other, build together, and lift everyone up.

πŸ“ Courage & Leadership

We are boldly paving paths and setting examples for others.

Our Partners

We are working with web3 organizations to support our members and initiatives. Together, we will close gaps in diversity, equity, and inclusion in web3.

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